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Welcome to Term 3 2022. Welcome all those who are in 2/3.

The class is being taught by Mrs Tom and Miss O'Brien.

In literacy, students are continually focusing on spelling, identifying sounds and letters in words, understanding graphs, diagraphs and trigraphs. Students will engage in whole class, small group and individual learning experiences. In writing students will focus on information texts.

During our mathematics lesson we break into two groups. One group works with Miss O'Brien and another stays with Mrs Tom.

In Mrs Tom's mathematics group students are focussing on counting, reading and writing three-digit numbers. They are learning to represent these numbers using concrete materials. Students are learning to put numbers in order and identify numbers that come before or after a given number. They are learning to compare quantities and identify which group has more or less. They will learn how to combine and take away small quantities of objects. Later in the term students will explore data, chance, length, time and measurement. Students will participate in whole class instruction, small groups and partner activities, as well as opportunities for independent practice.

In Miss O'Brien's mathematics group students are focussing on whole number, addition and subtraction. They are working with numbers that are greater than three digits, developing and improving trading numbers. They are building on using a range on mental strategies and concrete materials for multiplication and division. During fractions and decimals lessons they will be representing and modelling halves, quarters and eighths. They will be building on their knowledge in patterns and algebra by creating, representing and continue a variety of patterns with numbers and objects. Throughout the term they will also explore about length, chance, data, area and time.

In science and technology students are learning to look at changes of state between solid and liquid can be caused by adding or removing heat. 

In geography, students are learning to describe features of places and the connections people have with places and how the past plays a role in these areas.

In physical education students are practising a variety of movement skills e.g. balancing, throwing, catching and kicking.