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Welcome back to everyone.  We are looking forward to a great time of learning in Term 4. 

This term our shared reading texts will present a point of view and students will be asked to give their own opinion regarding the main ideas in the text. In independent writing, students will be developing their ability to communicate their own point of view and justify their opinion. Year 1 students will continue with a list of spelling words to learn for the week that focus on a particular digraph (two letters that make a given sound).  Kindergarten will learn a word for the week that introduces particular letter combinations that make a given sound e.g. ar in car.   The literacy session will include craft activities, reading, writing, spelling, handwriting and phonemic awareness activities. Students will engage in whole class, small group and individual learning experiences.

In maths, students will continue to count, read, order and write numbers.  This term starts with a focus on money. They will use a variety of concrete materials to represent numbers and solve mathematical problems. They will continue to develop strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Students will continue to develop their understanding of fractions, patterns and measurement using a variety of hands-on experiences.

In science and technology, students will use their senses to explore common forms of energy such as light, sound and heat.  They will identify digital technology found in everyday life and understand how we use digital technology to communicate.

This term in Geography students will learn about the weather and seasons.   We will discuss weather patterns and what weather is like in other places. We will look at seasonal calendars and weather activities.

Students will continue to develop their understanding of our school core values through explicit PBL lessons. In PE students will further develop their movement skills e.g. running, jumping, kicking, catching and throwing through participation in a variety of games.  Students will also take part in our whole school swimming program this term.

In art, students will experiment with a range of techniques e.g. finger painting, collage, printing and sculpture to create their own individual artworks.  Students will participate in singing, playing percussion instruments and dancing activities to develop their awareness of beat, pitch, tempo and dynamics.  They will develop drama through imaginative role play e.g. classroom shop, kitchen and construction toys.

Homework will provide opportunity for students to review work done in class.  This will be handed out on Mondays and is to be returned by Friday.

We look forward to another great term ahead.

Warm regards

Suzanne McLachlan and Coralie Pearce