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About our school

Tingha Public School is caring and supportive and provides an enjoyable, stimulating and challenging learning environment. We develop physical and social abilities within a small school, family atmosphere where tolerance of students of all ages is a key factor, enabling students to interact and learn from each other.

Tingha Public School is a rural school, situated within a small community 26 kilometres from its main service town, Inverell. The school has 55 students, about 82% of whom are Aboriginal. The school is committed to providing an education which fully develops the capabilities of all students. Our dedicated staff provides a quality learning environment which empowers students to achieve success and celebrate achievements. Funding through the SBAR (School Budget Allocation Report) enables us to provide excellent resources and facilities. These facilities offer opportunities for students to develop their knowledge and extend their skills and opportunities for our staff to participate in valuable training and development.

Students learning at Tingha Public benefits from sound planning, encompassing research based methodology, combined with up-to-date curriculum and innovative technology, equipping them with skills and confidence to prepare for their future.

In 2018 the school will focus on the qualities students require to be confident and successful learners along with teachers applying increased clarity to ensure learning is visible for their students.

The school motto, Totally Proud and Strong, aims to engender in students a strong sense of emotional intelligence.Being 'Totally Proud and Strong' is valued, respected and encouraged both within the school and local community.

Tingha Public School encourages an active partnership with its community and we value the participation of parents and community members in sharing the education of their children at every opportunity.

Tingha Public School is a caring and supportive learning environment which is enjoyable, stimulating and challenging.