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Since 2019 Mr Michael Boota has fulfilled the Tingha Public School  school chaplain role. As our Chaplain, he is supported by the Sapphire Schools Ministry Ltd, which was formed under the Inverell Ministers Fellowship in 2001 and represents the Christian churches in the Inverell district.

Since 2006 the Federal Government has provided the funds for chaplaincy. The SCSM provides regular training in areas such as first aid, child protection, internet safety, grief management and areas associated with mental health.

Mr Micheal Boota, as our school Chaplain, supports teachers academic and social development under the supervision of teachers. He is  also involved in sporting activities and excursions as well as other extra curricula activities. He is also available for student welfare purposes in small groups or one-on-one. If our chaplain feels that a student could benefit from one-on-one assistance, Mr Boota will discuss the matter with the school executive and a permission note will go home first.

Our chaplain may be involved in the following:

  • helping slow starters get organised and stay on task
  • taking small groups of students for reading in a section of the classroom
  • directly assisting students with reading or maths
  • speaking to upset students outside the room or taking them to a classroom teacher
  • befriending students in the playground, helping them to deal with social problems
  • participating as part of the school welfare team in peer days and welfare meetings
  • providing connections between students and outside youth groups
  • providing connections between students and welfare services both in and out of school
  • providing liaison between school executive staff and local pastors/churches.
  • conducting small voluntary lunch-time groups.

Mr Boota is a part of the school's welfare system. He keeps to privacy guidelines in line with all who work in this area.

Chaplains operate under the strict guidelines specified by the federal government. For further information see the SCSM's website: sapphireschools.com.au.

Parents and caregivers may opt their children out of chaplaincy services by indicating this to the school's office.